Eutech ION 2700
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Product Features

Intuitive, self-diagnostic and flexible with advanced set-up options for user-customization, the Eutech ION 2700 series comes with a large, one-glance-sees-all screen. View pH, ION or Redox reading together with temperature, electrode status, calibration points, date and time all at once!

:: Up to 6-point push button calibration with auto-buffer recognition
:: Quick, easy electrode diagnosis with pH slope and offset display
:: Non-volatile memory holds up to 500 data points – time and date-stamped for GLP compliance
:: Bi-directional RS232 for easy data transfer to computer
:: Cal-due alarm – no more out-dated calibrations!
:: Auto-logging function for convenient continuous monitoring
:: Limit alarm alerts when reading falls out of range
:: Password protection for setup and calibration


Educational: Useful for most laboratory, ecological studies and other applications.

Laboratory: Environmental studies, chemical labs, titrations and quality assurance testing, where GLP 
data-management is required. Use in all types of food processing.


Product Specification Description
Range -2.000 to 20.000 pH
Resolution 0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001 pH
Accuracy ±0.002 pH + 1 LSD
Cal. Points Up to 6 preset or 5 custom
Buffer Sets USA, NIST, DIN, User 1, User 2, Custom
Range ±2000.0 mV
Rel. mV Range ±2000.0 mV
Resolution 0.1 mV
Accuracy ±0.2 mV
Concentration 0.001 to 19999 ppm (±2000 mV)
Resolution 2 or 3 digits
Accuracy 0.5 % full scale (monovalent) ; 
1 % full scale (divalent)
Cal. Points 2 to 8
Range 0.0 to 100.0 ºC / 32.0 to 212.0 ºF
Resolution 0.1 ºC / 0.1 ºF
Accuracy ±0.3 ºC / ±0.5 ºF
Compensation ATC / MTC (0 to 100 ºC) (pH only)
Power Requirements 9 V DC adapter, 1.3 A (100/240 VAC, SMPS)

Order Information

Order No.

ECION270042GS Eutech ION 2700 Meter With pH Electrode (ECFG7370101B), ATC Probe (PH5TEMB01P) & pH Electrode Refill Solution, 60 mL
ECION270040S Eutech ION 2700 Meter

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