DS 302 285 liters/min. Rotary Vane Pump Agilent (Varian)
DS 302 285 liters/min. Rotary Vane Pump Agilent (Varian)  Rotary Vane Pumps Agilent Technologies  Malaysia, Singapore, Penang, Johor Bahru (JB), Selangor, Sarawak Distributor, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | ELSO Technologies Sdn Bhd

Thanks to a very simple and highly reliable design, these field proven rotary vane pumps provide excellent vacuum performance. Agilent’s quality and manufacturing standards ensure that the DS Rotary Vane Pumps provide high pumping stability for light gases, low noise, minimal oil backstreaming, and a long operating life. The pump’s two-stage design allows for low operating temperature, minimal backstreaming at low pressure and good pumping efficiency and gas ballast in the low 10-2 mbar region. DS Rotary Vane Pumps conform to European Union directives (CE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) requirements, and all pumps are UL and Canadian Standards Authority (CSA) approved.

  • Low10-3 mbar operation
  • Low operating temperature
  • Minimal backstreaming at low pressure
  • Good pumping efficiency and gas ballast in the low 10-2 mbar region
Technical Specifications
Free air displacement
at 60 Hz 285 l/min, 10 cfm
at 50 Hz 237 l/min, 14.2 m³/hr
Pumping speed (per PNEUROP 6602)
at 60 Hz 8.2 cfm
at 50 Hz 11.6 m³/h
Ultimate partial pressure 10-4 mbar
Ultimate total pressure 2 × 10-3 mbar
Ultimate total pressure w/gas ballast 2 × 10-2 mbar
Water vapor tolerance 20 mbar
Water vapor capacity 160 g/h
Oil capacity min/max 0.25/0.6 liter
Motor rating
at 60 Hz 0.55 kW
at 50 Hz 0.45 kW
Nominal rotation speed
at 60 Hz 1800 rpm
at 50 Hz 1500 rpm
Weight 25 kg, 55 lbs
Inlet flange KF 25 DN
Exhaust flange KF 25 DN

Speed Curve
DS-302 Rotary Vane Pump Speed Curve

Outline Drawing
DS-302 Rotary Vane Pump Outline Drawing

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