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Key Features
• Verify connectivity and performance of wired and Wi-Fi networks in minutes with
the one-button AutoTest
• Conduct quick rogue hunting to isolate problems by discovering networks and
connected devices
• Capture packets and perform in-line VoIP analysis
• Automate reporting and enable collaboration with result upload and management
via Link-Live Cloud Service

Time spent troubleshooting network performance problems takes away from
critical projects. The OneTouch AT network assistant helps save time by providing a complete set of tools for Gigabit, fiber optic, and Wi-Fi networks — including network path performance testing. This ultimate Network Assistant standardizes troubleshooting with pre-defined AutoTest profiles so field technicians can quickly isolate common problems. Full remote control capability enables collaborative troubleshooting between experienced engineers and on-site technicians, speeding up problem time to resolve trouble tickets. The OneTouch AT empowers professionals to validate and troubleshoot Ethernet and Wi-Fi access networks — reducing tests from hours to minutes.

• Dual copper and fiber-optic test ports
• Facilitates troubleshooting of:
– 10/100/1000 Mbps twisted pair
– 100/1000 Mbps fiber Ethernet networks
• 802.11ac dual-band radio with 3x3 antenna
• Offers 10G test module
Network Testing
• Test DHCP & DNS server responsiveness
• Identify wired, Wi-Fi DHCP & DNS servers
• View:
– DHCP offer and acceptance timing
– Lease info
– DNS lookup time
• Determine if a 2nd DHCP address is being offered
• Use path analysis tool to track down switch port

• Measure performance on Wi-Fi and wired networks
• Be ready for new high-bandwidth applications
• SLA:
– Throughput
– Frame loss
– Latency
– Jitter
• Automatically discover Wi-Fi devices and properties
• Select from 20 context-relative sorts
• Discovery-assisted analysis tools aid with:
– Troubleshooting
– Security enforcement
• One-button toggling between wired and Wi-Fi analysis views

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