E2308A Thermistor Temperature Probe
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Key Features & Specifications

Temperature range: -40 degress C to 150 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 302 degrees F)

Maximum temparature: 150 degrees (302 degrees F)

Accuracy: Typically less than 1 degree C (2 degrees F). This varies with intrument and temperature range

Time Constant: 3 second (typical) from air to still water

Dissipation constant: 5.7 mW/degree C in still water

Stainless Steel probe dimensions : 1.5 inches long x 0.125 inches in diameter

Length: 36 inch leads

Termination: 3/4 inch dual banana plugs


The keysight E2308A is a genatal purpose temperature probe.The thermistor  ( 5K ohm at 25 degrees C) is encapsulated in a stainless steel case and typically used for liquid temparature measurements.

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