R422C Waveguide Detector, 26.5 to 40 GHz
R422C Waveguide Detector, 26.5 to 40 GHz  Waveguide Adapters  Keysight Technologies Malaysia, Singapore, Penang, Johor Bahru (JB), Selangor, Sarawak Distributor, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | ELSO Technologies Sdn Bhd

Key Features & Specifications

Superior RF Performance

  • Frequency response: ±0.6 dB
  • Maximum SWR: 1.78
  • Low-level sensitivity: > 0.42 mV/uW

Power and Impedance

  • Maximum input power (average): 100 mW
  • Video impedance: 1.5 kilo-ohm
  • RF bypass capacitance: 10 pF


  • Waveguide designator: EIA WR-28 MIL-W-85/3-008
  • Flange designator: UG-599/U MIL-F-3922/54-003
  • Output connector: BNC female


The Keysight R422C is an 26.5 to 40 GHz GaAs planar-doped barrier diode detector. This waveguide detector has negative output polarity.

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